Thai-phoon of Flavor

Most people don’t enjoy school projects. I definitely didn’t until I entered the 7th grade, when they started giving us a little more freedom. Before, a teacher would ask me to write a short essay on how the dinosaurs went extinct (Answer: Dinosaurs never existed. Aliens planted fake bones in the earth as a joke.) Now, all they ask of me is to create a presentation. I can do a slideshow, or a labeled drawing. Now, even simply a picture of a dinosaur downloaded off the internet with the words “Killed by a Space Rock” plastered on it will be accepted. Although this can make school easier for us kids, we can also use this opportunity to think of something a little more creative.

In math class I am learning about percentages. A big part of that is ratios, so when the time came to wrap up the unit with a project, I decided to size up a recipe. The recipe I used was from a cookbook I got as a get-well-soon present from a close family friend, from when I broke my arm recently skateboarding. The recipe was Candied Pork on Shrimp Paste Rice with Toppings.

Everything was very rushed, as most middle-school projects are, and I didn’t buy ingredients until the last second, so of course, the one Asian market within a hundred mile radius was closed, so I wasn’t able to get any shrimp paste. In the recipe, I ended up just making it with normal sticky rice. All in all, the recipe wasn’t that hard, and tasted great. I used as toppings apple slices, omelette, lime wedges, cucumber, and cilantro. The omelette tasted especially unique because of the fish oil in it. The last part of the project for school was making a video for the project you made. Here’s the video, but it is kind of hard to follow, so I don’t suggest trying to make the recipe based off of this (also, the blue thing in the middle of the video screen is just my broken arm). Turn on the sound because the video is not as good without it.


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12 thoughts on “Thai-phoon of Flavor

    1. Thanks! The entire cookbook had amazing recipes like this one. It was called “Night + Market” by Kris Yenbamroong in case you were wondering. Fun fact: Night + Market is also the name of Kris Yenbamroong’s restaurant in Los Angeles!


  1. Ohhhhh that looks so so delicious.
    Love the video! You may be on to something here.
    Glad the cast isn’t slowing you down.

    Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 and love Auntie Anne


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