Test of Food and the Mind

I pre-test recipes for the cooking magazine ChopChop before they appear in print. I make sure the recipes are easy to make, and are in good taste, and they always are! I recently tested a recipe called Chickpeas and Spinach. Now, I don’t want to give too much away before it’s released into the mag, but there’s a fun story behind this, that shows you what can and did go wrong in the kitchen. (This is why we don’t like eating in restaurants too often!)


I volunteer for ChopChop as an editorial member of the K.A.B (Kids Advisory Board) and part of my job is to test recipes. I just tested a dish that can be served on noodles or rice with cheese. Chickpeas with Spinach can be a snack or meal, and I suggest trying it when it comes out in the magazine. The thing is, when I got the email with the recipes attached, I downloaded all of the recipes into my computer. I was supposed to print pages four and five, but I accidentally printed pages four and six. I would have most likely realized this had the pages been numbered, but as it turned out, the fourth page left off where another recipe (on page six) started, so it looked natural. I ended up mixing “Chickpeas and Spinach” with “Peas and Noodles” and it worked okay because I thought peas and chickpeas could be the same thing. I then sent a very long email to my editor about how the recipe was bizarre with the noodles looking and tasting the same as the chickpeas, so you didn’t really know where the noodles ended and the chickpeas began. After I wrote a review for it, my editor emailed me back telling me she thought I might be doing the wrong recipe. I then did the right one, and everything ended up working out fine. I guess it was a test of food and the mind (and I didn’t pass).


I hope you’re looking forward to the next issue of ChopChop, and if you aren’t already getting the mag, sign up online or read it in your library!


See ya later,


4 thoughts on “Test of Food and the Mind

  1. Hey Henry I can’t get Grampa GUI to even try chickpeas and they are so good,humus being my favorite form. Your arm may be broken but your head is still working!
    Love Nan


  2. Not to worry😬😬. All great people make mistakes. Sounds very interesting though. Maybe I will try it out on my husband. He eats everything. Chick peas would be better. I love them.


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