Halloween Fun is Afoot

…or rather Halloween fun is a hand, or many little hands, outreached towards you this Tuesday asking for candy. Well, I took five different candies from the Halloween distribution jar, and now I will test them to review some options on the market to hand out for Halloween.


My first test is Reeses Peanut Butter Cups vs. Raisinettes. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are chocolate peanut butter cups and Raisinettes are small raisins dipped in milk chocolate. I found that while the Raisinettes are small making it easy to finish off an entire box without noticing, they lack a satisfiable amount of flavor. Reeses on the other hand are smooth, creamy and pack a punch of flavor. I definitely suggest the Reeses cups over Raisinettes for Halloween. The only problem is that they contain peanuts, which many children can be allergic to. So if you don’t mind maybe accidentally poisoning some allergic people, Reeses wins this round. (That’s a joke. But Reeses still wins this round.)

My next test is Swedish Fish vs. Haribo Gold Bears. Swedish Fish are red, fish shaped gummies, and Gold Bears are the same as gummy bears. I found the fish to be dry while the Gold Bears had more diversity in flavors, and were easier to eat a lot of. I guess bears will defeat fish in this round (kind of like in real life).

Finally, the test to check what candy is the best: Reeses Vs. Gold Bears Vs. Sour Patch Kids. SPK are gummies shaped like small, demented looking children. These gummies are also covered in a tremendous amount of sugar, giving them the advantage against other candies when being tested by, for example, third-graders like my little brother. Compared to the others, I found that Reeses had a little too much salt, and eating too many Sour Patch made my tongue bleed from the gritty texture. This means that Gold Bears are the candy to beat — as well as the candy to eat.

I hope you have a good Halloween, and if you’re not going trick or treating, you can look forward to watching some Halloween TV, like the Simpsons annual Tree House of Horror episode XXVIII.

5 thoughts on “Halloween Fun is Afoot

  1. I Am afraid I have to go for the Reese’s peanut butter cups. I don’t hand them out I keep them for myself. I will not cause any peanut allergies. I will savor every bite. Mrs. Gent likes peanut butter cups👍😉

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