Pt. 2 of Iron Fistful of Pancakes

In part one of Iron Fistful of Pancakes (my last post), I tried out some homemade German crepes and French Toast, original recipes from Europe. Now, in part two of Iron Fistful of Pancakes, I am going to talk about my experience at i-con, a comic/gaming/anime convention.

My friends who traveled with me were TJ and Magnus. The three of us made our own costumes of the superhero Deadpool for the convention. In the photo above, I am in the middle, Magnus is on the right, and TJ is on the left. TJ is really into making his own costumes (more on cosplay below). To see more of his inventive costume designs, visit TJ’s blog about comics and cosplay at

Deadpool — the superhero we dressed up as — is this odd, funny character that started out with a pretty normal life, when he suddenly got very sick. An organization said that they could help him, but it was very experimental. They were able to give him regeneration so that he can practically never die, but in the process, it disordered his brain making him unpredictable.

The convention was small. There were not a lot of stalls, and some of the talks were not aimed at kids but more at adults, even though they were talking about kids’ comic books and series. Still, there were some cool parts too. One of the comic stalls sold original Marvel comics for a really low price of only about a buck each! Original comics are usually more like ten dollars. I also collected a vintage Wolverine action figure for five dollars.

But the best part of the convention was definitely the cosplay contest. Cosplay is when you create a costume of a comic book, video game, or movie character, and the costume has to be at least 50% homemade. We entered in a cosplay contest where we went up against other cosplayers in front of judges to see who had the best costume. We made 100% of our costumes, except TJ and Magnus bought a few of the toy weapons they wore. Out of about 20 adults, we won fourth place! First place had gone to an adult who had made the most elaborate Lord of the Rings Orc suit. It was complete with a perfect fitting skull and face mask, real leather and furs, wildebeest horns, metal boots, helmet, chest plate, and skull shoulder pads. The guy was a set designer, so he had experience and access to the best materials.

The next day, before we got back on a boat to go home, we stopped by a place called Fourth World Comics, the biggest comic shop I had ever seen. It was three times bigger than a Starbucks. They had new comics, originals comics, posters, hats, Marvel Masterworks (collections of the first comics), and much more. I don’t even know how much time we spent there because I was so engrossed in reading the comics.

I hope check out TJ’s blog:

Next comes Pt. 3, where, as part of our trip, Magnus’s parents take us to eat at two unique restaurants I bet you have never heard of.

4 thoughts on “Pt. 2 of Iron Fistful of Pancakes

  1. Good thing you explained about your costumes as I know nothing about them. Looks like you had a blast. You must have grandma and grandpa McFetridge with you now, have fun.


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