Iron Fistful of Pancakes Pt. 1

“With great food, comes great responsibility… to write a good blog post about it.”
-Spiderman (sort of)

I just got back from an amazing trip with two good friends to go to “i-con” and meet some of their pretty awesome family. This is the first of a three part series where I am going to write about the travel experience. This first post will be about home cooked food; part two, about going to i-con; and part three, about two restaurant hidden gems where all foodie dreams come true. In case you were wondering, i-con is a convention based around comics, gaming, and anime. I am not much for gaming and anime, but I love comics!

My very good friend Magnus took TJ and I for the trip. The first part of the long journey was a car trip lasting three and a half hours to a ferry, then a hour on the boat. Also on the trip was Magnus’ younger brother and sister, and mom and dad. We spent a lot of the car trip watching a new tv show about the superhero Iron Fist. I won’t give any plot details away, but I will say, Iron Fist is a kid who people thought had died in a plane crash, but instead was being raised by a secret society of monks to become a vigilante to fight injustice. It’s a Netflix original and I recommend it.

When we got to their grandma’s house it was almost midnight so we went right to bed. In the morning, the house was full of light because of its big windows pointing toward the beach. Magnus’ Mom cooked up some delicious German pancakes, that were similar to crepes. We all sat down as she served us one at a time, fresh from the pan. We spread nutella, sugar, butter, and raspberry jam over the pancakes before rolling them up for eating. The texture was soft and creamy, but not like ice-creamy, more just like fresh batter.

The breakfast was so good I thought about it all day…and even at night. Lying on a makeshift bed that evening, I replayed in my head those delicious pancakes, the fun I had had at i-con all that day, and I wondered what was going to happen tomorrow. Well the next day, was just as good. We drove to the biggest comic shop I had ever seen, and I met Magnus’ grandma, and she cooked us french toast! French toast and pancakes in a row! They were made out of challah bread and drizzled with maple syrup. Their kitchen was decorated with pots and pans hanging on the walls, telling me that she likes to cook, and is very good at it, as I found out.

I want to thank Magnus’ whole family for making it possible for us to go to i-con, and thanks so much to everyone else for reading. Just remember to stay tuned for part 2!

5 thoughts on “Iron Fistful of Pancakes Pt. 1

  1. Henry! Happy Spring break.
    Loved hearing about your back to back deluxe breakfasts. Yum.
    Magnus is a good friend to invite you along on the family trip.
    In this house we do buttermilk pancakes. stacked high and fluffy with good ole Canadian maple syrup.
    I’ll make you some when you’re in Calgary next….. For Sure!! When are you coming to visit?

    keep on writing your blog.
    xxx and lotsa love,
    Auntie Anne


  2. What a fun and interesting weekend Henry. The travel with friends, the great food, the comic convention and store. Lots to think about. How are your pancakes turning out now?


  3. Mrs. gent checking in. You made my day to wake up and find a blog from Henry. My mouth was watering with the thought of pancakes and French toast. May have to think about o e of this enti game for breakfast.


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