Eat. Drink. Zip line.

Hi everyone, I hope you all had great vacations, and if you don’t live in the US then I hope you had a nice weekend! I had a great time in Vancouver, British Columbia, but I wasn’t able to post while I was away. So here is a small postcard-type update, kind of like “wish you were there”.

Eating out is special and so much fun, especially on birthdays. It was a family member’s birthday, so on a walk around Stanley Park we happened to come across a place called LIFT. In Canada this means elevator, and the restaurant was right above the water! It was a swanky place. There was a fish tank and a water view of the marina. If you guys are ever in Van on any special occasion, I definitely recommend the place to anyone who likes from burgers to raw fish.

I had a really tasteful burger with fries. There was cheese, bacon, tomatoes and lettuce, the classic. It was very juicy, and the bacon was not too chewy, and not too crispy. The fries were perfect. My cousin had a whole plateful of sashimi (raw freshly-caught West Coast salmon, and she’s only nine). My Mum had a poke bowl, which also had raw fish, and it looked beautiful (see below). I forgot what my brother and dad ate, but I remember them loving it.

That place was so fancy, the ketchup came separate, before the meal, on top of a napkin, on its own plate.



Other than eating, we packed in lots of mountain activities. We went skiing, zip lining, and hiking.

We also took a bus trip to Whistler and saw an anti-Trump protest which the bus driver wanted to join. Half the bus agreed. The other half stayed silent. Silence = death, people!

From that bus I took a hilarious picture of an advertisement I saw below.


Hey, that advert makes me want to buy that mattress. It is so unstoppable that T-rexes can come and viscously maul you in your sleep and you won’t even wake up. Guess that’s for my next Canadian vacation!


2 thoughts on “Eat. Drink. Zip line.

  1. Th at was great. Your version of th Canadian Holliday was great. I have se n most of those things but you put a new light on them. Mrs. gent loved it!!


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