Couch-surfing 2.0

My mom says that in the old days, when you had to stay at someone else’s house, you had to earn your keep. This means you would sweep the floors, take out the garbage, and clean the bathroom with a toothbrush, or toothpick.

These days, when you couch-surf, you get treated like a king — at least if you’re 11 years old. Here’s a window into my kingdom last weekend.

Day One: my parents and brother had to suddenly go to Canada. So I was pawned off to my friend’s house. For this story, to protect the lives of the innocent, I will say my friend’s name is Flachlan. When walking up the steps to Flachlan’s house I realized that, one, I could do whatever I wanted this weekend without any parents, and, two, I remembered that there was going to be a club meeting that day. Both of these details were pretty awesome. I am part of a club that spends our time watching Marvel movies, reading comics, and talking about fan theories. Flachlan doesn’t want it to be called a “club”, ‘cuz that makes it sound like we sit in a tent in the rain every night, and play Dungeons and Dragons, and talk about what we would do if we had a million bucks, but could only spend it in a boring furniture store. We are not that type of nerd (but we are pretty close).

With this in mind, I walked in to Flachlan’s odd-looking but cool house. I asked where I was going to sleep. When you walk in the door you take off your shoes on a mat directly in front of you. There is also a door behind the mat that you would think is a closet, but I believe it leads to a dark hallway that gets you to the garage, basement, kitchen, or maybe a graveyard, which I was hoping not to sleep in. Flachlan said I could choose one of the four beds in his room to sleep on. Thats right, I said four. Now, his room is only about the length of the first five rows of a school bus, so I guess he has an obsession with sleeping. I picked bed #2 and settled in.

Later that night, we both went to my other friend’s house, who I shall call Wagnus for this story. Being in Wagnus’s basement was as close to heaven as you can get for club night. We watched three X-Men movies, and read comic books, and Wagnus’s mom kept bringing food down for us. We got, over the course of five and a half hours, chips, nachos, dumplings, Coke, pretzels, apples, and chicken, plus all of the re-fills we wanted. I would like to say, thanks so much to Chusanne, Wagnus’s mom. That was amazing. How does one dish out all of that so quickly without turning into a zombie?

Day Two: Flachlan and I were both invited to sleepover at our other friend’s house. For the story, I will call him Theodora. The breakfast at Theodora’s was a choice of three different kinds of pancakes: plain, blueberry, and blueberry-banana. This was made by his dad, the same guy who made us do Theodora’s laundry a few days earlier. So I guess I did kind of earn my keep at Theodora’s house.

Day Three: Back at Flachlan’s house, for supper we had salmon in pasta covered in creamy mushrooms, and spinach. For dessert we had homemade chocolate chip cookies with gingerbread ice cream. The pasta was supremely good, and the salmon was delicious with the mushrooms and spinach. The cookies were crunchy, and with the melting chocolate it made your tongue feel like royalty.

So if this is couch-surfing, sign me up for next weekend!

Flachlan’s mom’s meal: 10/10

Wagnus’s mom’s meal: 10/10

Theodora’s dad’s meal: 10/10

Me and Flachlan. Photo by R. Roze

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(P.S In case you were wondering, with a million bucks I would buy tons of mattresses, because I bet sleeping on a mattress that’s on ten other mattresses is terrifying, but fun.)

4 thoughts on “Couch-surfing 2.0

  1. You had an amazing weekend Henry,treated like a King! We are looking after your Edmonton cousins this weekend but it might not be as much fun as you had,although I see that G. GUI and Lily are cooking up something yummy with eggs at this moment.
    Have fun darlin.
    Xo Nab


  2. Henry you amaze me. I just love your creative writing. I remember when your Dad slept at my house with my sons but I am sure I would never get a 10. Lots of love but not sure about elaborate meals.


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