My Brother Ate My Homework!

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. I feel like the school clocks are purposely made to go extremely slow around the period before lunch. Clock makers are either evil, or don’t like lunch. I feel that the first option is much more likely seeing as no one dislikes lunch. Especially when it’s pork-tenderloin-with-rosemary day in the school cafeteria. I usually like English class, but not on Wednesdays. On Wednesdays English is the class before lunch, meaning I can’t focus, my best friend really can’t focus and George (the diabetic kid) really really can’t focus. Say the word gravy, and I will not be able to turn in my test because it has drool stains all over it.

It was in slow motion, and I was almost expecting it to never happen, but it did. I think I had run out of the classroom before the lunch bell was done ringing.

So, here I am, the first one in the line for the cafeteria. I really think the whole school is going crazy. On the way down here, I pass two kids in the hall, headed towards the cafeteria, like me. I hear them say, let’s go get some bottles. If you didn’t live where I do then you would assume they mean sodas, or water, but I know what they’re really after: the bottles themselves. See? Crazy.

The new obsession at my school is the sport of bottle flipping. The rules are simple. To start you get a bottle and drink half of the liquid inside. Then you have to throw the bottle in the air so it flips, and then lands right side up. I can’t tell you how many times kids have tried to bottle flip down the set of stairs that connects the sixth and seventh grade hallway, and had their bottle crack open and the soda spills everywhere. Some kids thought it would be easier to get the bottle to land on the right side if the bottle was all the way filled. The only thing, is that they forgot to let the fizz out of the bottle before flipping. Again, this means more work for the custodians. Bottle flipping has been banned, but you can still see kids outside during free period trying to bottle flip a bottle onto a windowsill. I can tell that someone’s going to break a window soon. More work for the custodians. By now, the custodians must either hate soda, or kids.

I get the pork tenderloin with a generous rosemary garnish, with the side of peas and mashed potatoes and gravy. For dessert I get a double chocolate chip cookie. I practically sprint back to my classroom to eat. Then suddenly, a teacher is in front of me. He is beginning to ask something about what period I have math at, but I have to tell him that right now is really not the time ‘cus I am really really hungry, and I am being tortured with the fact that there is something so delicious smelling in front of me, and I can’t eat it, and if he doesn’t let me go to class to eat, I might have to file a complaint to the principal that I can’t eat in peace. That is when I realized that I was talking to the principal.

Of course, the meal was amazing. The pork had a little bit too much rosemary, but otherwise, I thought it was great. It was so great, in fact, I asked my mum to make me pork tenderloin for dinner. Luckily, she said yes.

The smell of the cherry-and-shallot sauce floating through the house was enough to make me do my homework on the kitchen counter that night, which explains the red sauce stains.

The pictures I have posted above are of the pork tenderloin my mum made, not the school’s. As for my brother in the title, surprisingly, he actually liked the meal. Once we ran out, he was still hungry. Which explains why he was licking the stains off my math packet before he went to bed that night.

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