50 Ways To Love Your Blogger

50 ways to love your blogger, take your pick: like, comment, follow, share, tweet… I know it’s not quite 50, but those are still good choices.

Welcome to the Mess-hall’s 50th post! In this post I will have the winners of the bear puns competition, ice cream, a “delicious fest” and more!


I am going to start this post with something that will make everyone happy – do you know what that thing is? It’s watching a video where a bear gets up on his back paws and takes a stroll through New Jersey. www.nytimes.com/pedals-walking-bear.html

Here are the winners of the bear jokes/puns competition announced in August:

Gold winner: What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear! (By: Natalia)

Silver winner: What color socks do bears wear? They don’t wear socks, they have bear feet! (By: Amelia)

Bronze winner: You just may fall into a deep hibernation from the beardom. (By: Mary )

Here are all of the entries that I received:

I could bearly stop laughing.

What to polar bears eat for lunch? Ice berg-ers!

By the way did you eat any wild black bear (ies) ?

That is beary beary pun-ny.

Why aren’t teddy bears ever hungry? Because they are always stuffed.

What snack do polar bears like to eat? Brrrrrrrrrritos.

What do you call bears with no ears? B’s.

Why do pandas like old movies? Because they are in black and white.

Sometimes it seems that you Panda to your audience.

I bearly know what you are talking about!

Please bear with me while I think of something bearwildering.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Next topic: stats.

Since I started blogging I have gained more than 140 comments, 350 visitors, 30 followers, and 2,000 hits across 13 countries around the globe. Thanks so much to everyone that reads, comments, and follows my writing. I really appreciate it.

Ice Cream Tips:

Guess who was nicer to the person working the ice-cream stand – left or right?


It was the left! Moral of the story: Always be nice at the ice cream counter, or to any food service worker. Your portion depends on it!


Delicious Fest:

With the bear pun competition over, what now? Well I can tell you, the “delicious fest” competition. Go to the comment box right now, and give me the name of your favorite recipe – just the name. Add some words into the title, like delectable, or gooey, because whoever has the best recipe name will be mentioned in a post, and I will create a post about your recipe. Good luck, and …


I thank you guys so much for being with me for 50 posts. I hope you love reading these as much as I love writing them. Until next time!



One thought on “50 Ways To Love Your Blogger

  1. Congratulations on your huge following. That’s quite something.
    I like all the bear jokes and especially that video. That’s one crazy looking bear walking on his back feet.
    Bearry entertaining!!

    Love your Calgary cousins.


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