A Bright Idea & a Plate of Pasta



Ideas are sometimes like freight trains. And you’re standing in the middle of the tracks. We had nothing lined up for lunch. In third grade, if my family didn’t have anything lined up for lunch we would eat noodles. Usually butter, but tomato sauce if we had it. Since we didn’t have anything for lunch, my mum asked if we wanted noodles. I couldn’t say no, because it was the only lunchy-thing in the house. Not outside of the house though.

My family owns a sad little garden that will probably either die tomorrow or be eaten my a stampede of rabid deer. My mum doesn’t like deer because they carry ticks that “could kill us all!!!”. My brother thinks they’re cute, I wonder if they taste like rabbit, and my dad honestly thinks we’re all lunatics.

I refused to eat simple butter on my noodles because my unconscious mind was screaming in pain at how boring the sound of that dish was. I offered: “how ’bout I throw some basil and baby tomatoes from our garden, and some cheese and garlic with the butter?” It worked! It tasted great.

After taking the picture above I realized that I had not put nearly the amount of extra-old cheddar I should have. If you try making this dish put about four times the amount of cheese shown.

I almost called the dish noodlicious, but then realized it sounds like nude-delicious.

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