One-Ingredient Wonders #1


Hi guys, and welcome to my new series of posts where I find some random ravenously yummy recipes that consist of very few ingredients. I will let out a post for this new series regularly, so to find more scrumptious snacks, uncontrollably good eats, and side dishes to die for, follow my blog today!

Today’s Spotlight: Miettes

Ingredient: Old Baguette

This is a recipe from Normandy that is perfect for your brunch with friends or maybe the perfect mother’s day meal in bed, or perhaps it’s simply a good midnight snack. Miettes in French means crumbs, so this dish’s one main ingredient is leftover baguette pieces. Miettes is thin slices of toasted baguette (that you cut to about the size of french fries) layered in butter and arranged around your choice of one or two sunny-side-up eggs.

There are a few ways to eat these. I take it as a finger food, dipping the baguette in the egg yolk. I had my breakfast with a side of mango.

Next: In the next “One-Ingredient Wonders” I will be showing you guys how to make that tasty mango-cube display as showed in the picture above.

Stay tuned for more One-Ingredient Wonders!


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