A “bear-y” good vacation

Wicked skim boarding in Tofino
I saw this bear from a Zodiak.
Classic Tofino mentality
Beach panorama

First off, about the title: I will ask you, can you think of a better bear pun? Well, can you? Leave a comment if you can, and I’ll mention the winner in an upcoming post!

While in Tofino, there are three main things to do: eat; do watersports, like skim boarding (a sport that I totally rock at); and watch for wild life, like whales, wolves, harbor porpoises, and bears.

We saw seven bears and, luckily, the bears seemed more interested in their “crab platter” than in me. The bears eat the crabs whole and then swallow seaweed and use that to generate mucus so that the crab shells don’t rip up their insides. I’m glad my insides didn’t get ripped up any time I ate a meal, ‘cus then I wouldn’t be inclined to try all the great local fare.

Chanterelle mushrooms, fresh oysters, tuna, and salmon right off the boat and onto your plate. Not to mention, all the fresh fruits and vegetables that grow well with a little care from “wet coast” gardeners (it rains a lot in a temperate rainforest!).

Tip: if you ever go to Tofino, you’ll eat well. But stay alert (in case the bears run out of crabs to eat!).


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