Even sugar addicts should beware!

The only wetsuit-friendly restaurant worldwide?
My little brother and his indulgences

After visiting the amazing food truck, Tacofino, where I had the best burrito of my life (see previous post), we went to Chocolate Tofino, a chocolate and gelato shop in the same “Live to Surf” complex.  Two good pit stops for hungry people in one place: what could be better? I’ll tell you what — Chocolate Tofino also sells sundaes! I ordered their special Salted Caramel Sundae and it was as big as a volleyball. It came in a rounded waffle “cone” bowl, and I had the choice of a milk or dark chocolate surfboard. I have no picture of it, unfortunately, because I was too busy eating it to take out the camera. However, here is a photo shamelessly lifted off the internet:


To conclude: if you ever come to Tofino, and you have a craving for something very very large, very very tasty, and very very sugary, come to Chocolate Tofino. And leave your wetsuit on!

Tip: There are three entrances to this place. Take the side entrance for a shorter line-up.

Rating: I loved it but it was too sugary. 9/10

Coming Soon: Seven wild bears are on the loose in my next post, “A “bear-y” good vacation”!





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