Food Truck to Heaven

Vancouver Island artist Lee Robinsong painted the food truck. (This photo was taken from their website).

Tofino is a little surf town in remote British Columbia filled with fishermen, loggers, and surfers (and, as I noticed, a lot of Quebecois!). We easily knew right away which restaurant to go to first: TACOFINO, a food truck just outside town. The lineup for dinner was about 30 people long, and my family waited 40 minutes in the fresh air and sunshine for our meals to be handed to us through a tiny truck window.

I ordered a delicious beef burrito with a white tortilla wrap filled with strips of beef, rice, beans, onions, and a tomato-corn salsa.  It was the biggest burrito I had ever seen in my life — and the tastiest. It was gooey and a bit spicy, and the cheese was the kind where when you take a bite, the cheese stretches in a long line from burrito to mouth.

If you ever do happen to visit Tofino, B.C., this food truck is right on the highway that leads to town, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Anybody who lives there should know where it is. It’s a food truck to heaven!

Tip: Go when it’s not during regular eating hours, or you could end up waiting even longer than I did. (It was totally worth it, though).

Rating: 10/10

Coming soon: A review of the chocolate shop that gave me the biggest serving of an ice cream sundae that I’ve had in a looooong time.






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