To Make The World A “Batter” Place


Our elders always have the best recipes. Cookie recipes, pancake recipes, and much more. My neighbor Jacob’s great great-grandmother, Effie, came up with the recipe for one of what is now my top three favorite cakes… Effie’s Oatmeal Cake. My neighbor’s dad, Scott, made this recipe and shared it with me and my brother.

This cake contains oatmeal in the batter, a slight layer of frosting, and to top it off, crisp coconut shavings. I thought that the oatmeal batter was better than most cake batter. The oatmeal added a very complex flavor, as if the cake was constructed differently. The frosting was smooth and simple, as one taste, unlike most American frosting, which can be quite sickening. The crisp coconut on the top added texture to this dessert as well as making the cake look beautiful and decadent.

My own Grandmother not only bakes but grows her own veggies and is in her garden all day, planting, weeding, and watering. My Grandmother on my dad’s side, Nan, has her own ice cream machine! Elders have the most experience, good taste, and ideas with food than any one else. I can’t wait until I get to be an old person. It means at that point I will have made, and eaten, just about everything but the kitchen sink.

Rating: 94% Awesomeness


One thought on “To Make The World A “Batter” Place

  1. Henry don’t be in a hurry to get old! Lots of good cooking between now and then,but I am glad you appreciate some of the great old receipes .
    xo Nan


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