It tasted like … Chicken?


Today is the last day of school, and the school is getting rid of the French program as of next year. As a special treat my French teacher brought in some exotic escargot. Escargot is cooked snail. I don’t call snails exotic, but cooked snails is another matter. Chefs will take the meat out of the shell, cook it, and then put it back in. This keeps the meat hot until dinner. Each platter is filled with usually seven snails, which makes an appetizer.

Each snail was about the size of a quarter, and as thick as shrimp. It had a green sauce. As for what it tasted like… I don’t remember. While eating, my class was also watching the animated movie “Ratatouille”. Because of this, I cannot remember what the escargot tastes like. At least I enjoyed the movie. I remember the escargot was chewy, but that is about it.

Finally, I would just like to say, thank you so much Madame Olmsted, for such a great year and for being such a fun teacher!

P.S I think that it would be cooler to keep learning French instead of Spanish. At least in Spain they eat tapas. Maybe I will get to try that next year.

Rating: I think it was 10/10.


2 thoughts on “It tasted like … Chicken?

  1. Hey Henry- good for you for trying escargot. A lot of kids are afraid to try anything new especially slippery snails.
    Snails are quite delicious. I have had them before and I remember them being quite chewy too. The best part of snails I remember is dipping your crusty bread or bun into the garlic butter that the snails are served in.
    Love Auntie Anne


  2. Thank you, M, for writing about the escargot tasting in your blog. This meant a lot to me! It was so great having you in class these past two years. You’re an amazing young man. Have a great summer!


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