No Angry Birds were harmed in the making of this dish.


I bought the “Angry Birds Bad Piggies’ Egg Recipes” as a Father’s Day gift for my Dad. It is a recipe book about eggs.  I chose a dish for my mother to make named Ragnarökk, which means “the battle at the end of the world” in Norse mythology. How that relates with eggs and pasta, I am dumbfounded.

The dish itself was nice to look at, with cheese sprinkled on noodles, crowded by broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots, all covered by a fried egg. I started to eat the meal by cutting open the egg, so the good yellow inside could ooze out. I spread it around so it covered the vegetables, as well as the noodles. The plate, utterly covered by egg yolk, was quickly empty, its contents in my belly. I brought up my plate to the counter for seconds, and then thirds.

Ricotta was a key part of the dish, for it helped connect the tastes in a way that made the dish more of one big taste, not lots of different tastes, as you find in most dishes. This dish looked so different from most noodle dishes that my brother Nate couldn’t even recognize it as a noodle dish. The first thing he said when he saw it was, “What is this supposed to be?”

I found that putting the egg on top and adding salt to the dish made it taste a lot better than it would have been if I hadn’t. This was really good, and I am intent on having it again. However, I am not rating it a “10” because it is not a dish I crave all the time. I will try to find the recipe that does, and in the meantime, Ragnarökk is much recommended.

Rating: 9/10


5 thoughts on “No Angry Birds were harmed in the making of this dish.

    1. Thanks for looking at my blog. I’d like to check out site sometime for sure and I’ll try out the Carbonara dish soon. Many thanks again!


  1. i would never think to put an egg on noodles but I may have to try this.
    Glad no angry birds were injured!
    Love Auntie Anne.


  2. That sounds really yummy. I have had an egg on a steak in Portugal but never on noodles. We just got our first copy of chop chop in the mail,it is a super magazine.
    xo Nan


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