The Merry Make-My-Day Magnificent Moment Maker Miracle

Today my family and I went on a hike on the west side of Mt. Cardigan. Of course, no sane person would go hiking without food. Or at least no sane food critic would go without food. I made “Green Sandwiches”. I found the recipe in the “Let’s Go Green” Spring 2016 issue of Chop Chop, the food magazine I volunteer for. I am on the Kids Advisory Board. At the top of the mountain we took out our sandwiches and practically dove into them. They tasted amazing and sitting on the side of the mountain cliff made the moment even better. The sandwich was a merry make-my-day magnificent moment maker miracle! The sandwich contained lettuce, tomato, avocado, cucumber, salt, and whole wheat bread. I thought that the salt really connected all the flavors to make the sandwich very simple and tasteful. Also, without the tomato it would not be at all the same. After devouring my sandwich I started eating my banana. When I was done eating it I threw the peel down the trail, where a hiker had just emerged from the woods. He almost slipped on it, and then gave me an odd glance. I looked up at dad. He gave me the same odd look and said “Henry…” so I said to him, “But aren’t banana peels biodegradable?”

Rating: 9.5/10

Tip: You know, you learn something new everyday. Like the fact that banana peels can be deadly. So please, don’t throw them in hiker’s paths on the side of cliffs.

Links: Chop Chop   &   Kids Advisory Board


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