Deadly Snakes Off The Plate

It started with the internet. Buzz Feed is a very popular Youtube channel that my friend Lachlan introduced me to. We were exceptionally bored, one Saturday afternoon, and so we started surfing cooking videos. We came across a video called “Easy Cheesy Garlic Bread”. We clicked on it. It showed how to create quick, easy, and delectable garlic bread. Here is the recipe:


Easy Cheesy Garlic Bread


6 garlic cloves

1 large round loaf

20 slices of cheese (suggestion: cheddar and pepper jack. If you love cheese, put in 30 slices)

1 stick of butter

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Then, cut a grid pattern on the top of the bread, but don’t cut all the way through the loaf. Take your slices of cheese, and stuff them into the grid lines in your bread. Make sure there is cheese in every grid line. Cut up the six cloves. Throw your stick of butter into a pan on low. Then throw the cut-up six cloves into the pan with the butter, and stir. After the garlic is all mixed around, and the butter is all melted, use a pastry brush to spread the garlic/butter mixture on the top of the bread. After this is done, pop in the oven for 20 minutes.

Of course, we couldn’t resist and we had to make it. We bought the ingredients at the local Co-op and we decided to use sourdough. That was a bad pick, so I suggest if you are going to make this at home, don’t use sourdough. Please try some other kind like whole wheat or rustic white. About 30 minutes later, we were ready to put it in the oven.

After carefully placing the concoction in the oven, we ran outside to play in my backyard. My backyard is pretty much a cliff and woods. My house actually runs right into the Appalachian Trail, so we often see hikers, and even more often than them, animals. Deer, owls,chipmunks, a beaver. Once a moose walked right past our kitchen window, and our neighbors have had a bear problem for two years now.

As you are picturing this in your mind, for some people this all might seem crazy, but in my mind, the weirdest part are the killer snakes in my yard. But don’t freak out. They are too small to kill humans. They don’t even bite people. But with each other, they are a different matter. (And I don’t mean they can shift matter like in super hero movies.) Every once in a while a bunch will get together in a fight to the death for the female. I am so glad I am not a snake going through puberty. Anyway, we witnessed one of these snake battles in the grass. The one that won slithered away, and the one that lost died right in front of us because of a cut. The female stayed with the dead one awhile before slithering away also. THAT is crazy.

Finally the bread was done, and we went inside to eat. It smelled like God’s deodorant if God wore deodorant. What I mean by that, is it smelled awesome. The bread was supposed to act as a base for the cheese and garlic and butter, but since we used the sourdough, its flavor stuck out more than it should have. I used only 15 slices of cheese. It was not enough at all.

I would make this again, but next time, no sourdough and more cheese. I greatly suggest you to make this yourself at home, but for the full experience, find some snakes and make them fight to the death.

Suggestion: I think you can get snakes at the pet store. I don’t know if they sell deadly ones though.

Rating: 8/10


4 thoughts on “Deadly Snakes Off The Plate

  1. Hey Henry it’s your cousin John. The other night Nan was telling me about how intresting your snake blog was and insisted that I check it out immediately. I have to say it’s pretty impressive and sounds like you had an intresting afternoon!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon.


  2. Liked the garlic bread better than the snakes! I can just imagine your afternoon.
    Interesting blog Henry.
    xo Nan


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