The Peasant’s Pleasure

Ratatouille: it’s the easy-make peasant dish that everyone in France knows how to make, but is it good? I can answer that question easily any day. Yes. It has lots of vegetables crafted together to make one savory taste that stays, melting in your mouth. I first got ahold of this recipe when my french teacher, Madame Olmstead, gave it to me. I have lots of recipes from her, and I give my special thanks to her. Not one of them wasn’t amazing.

Anyway when I got home and told my parents, Mama told me that I had had it many times before when I was younger. They made it a lot back then, but we all still wanted to have it for dinner with me as chef. So I read the recipe and put everything in the skillet as instructed. While I was putting everything in, Mama inspected the herbes de provence she bought from the bulk section of the co-op. The herbes alarmingly looked and felt like wood, and didn’t have any scent, either. Instead we made our own by putting together basil, fresh parsley and thyme. A real mix or herbes de provence would also commonly contain lavender, rosemary and fennel, but we didn’t have these on hand.

The recipe was so fast, it didn’t take more than 20 minutes. While I was cooking, my neighbor in 6th grade came over for a ride to basketball practice. Even though he said he wasn’t hungry he ate a whole bowl!

I would have put in more salt than I did, which was about 8 twists of the salt grinder. If you feel like making a french dish anytime soon, I recommend this.

Tip: Add lots of freshly grated cheese. We used old cheddar and I thought it was a nice addition.

Rating: 9/10


4 thoughts on “The Peasant’s Pleasure

  1. Henry. This sounds delicious. I’m going to get your mom’s recipe and give it a whirl.
    I like how you made your own herbs de Provence. If I look in my cupboard right now my ole jar of herbs would be exactly how you described yours. No smell and woody.

    Off to the rink. Both John and Michael have games.

    Please give your mom a big hug from me. And give yourself a hug too while you’re at it.
    Love auntie Anne.


  2. Henry,so glad you rediscovered this French receipe. Actually your Mama gave me this receipe years ago and I used to make it but have forgotten about it lately,so I am going to dig it out,it’s great. We are off to Arizona next week so I will have to improve my Tex mex cooking. Loved the photo of you in the kitchen. Keep cookin darling.


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