2015 Highlights of the Year


First, thanks to Lily Connolly, a baker and chef based in San Francisco, for sending me this amazing picture of the gingerbread house she made. To create the glazed looking windows she took butterscotch candy and then melted it into sheets. (So cool!)

Now, the end of 2015 is coming and I thought we should review some of my favorite food highlights.

I loved this apple pancake so much, it’s my favorite pancake of all time.
Here are some Whoopie Pies in their natural habitat at Lou’s downtown in Hanover, NH.
#1 most tasteful crunchy Pastrami panini of all time – with apple.

First ever post: First Nibble

Who would think I would be eating fries from a deep fryer? (They were good!)

Here are some never before featured pictures:

Boy, these fish are stinky! (Taken at a market in Portland, Maine)
I know… this wall of jam has been featured before, but now Nate’s in the picture! (Fall At The Norwich Farmers Market)
Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows! (This is referenced in my post, “Recipe For Madness”)

And, here are some odds and ends for your reading pleasure:

Most viewed post of the year:  I’m Bananas For Ana’s Empanadas

Total Views: 904

Cool Countries: I thought this was cool so I guess I will tell you about it. My blog has been viewed in The United States, Canada, Peru, Switzerland, France and Brazil!

Special thanks to everyone who inspired me to start blogging: Mama and Papa.


3 thoughts on “2015 Highlights of the Year

  1. Howdy!! You make me think about food and appreciate it. Thank you for your great incite. I look forward to more in 2016. Have a great holiday season!!!


  2. Henry, your highlights blog was absolutely terrific. We’ve enjoyed them all and easy to see that you enjoy doing it too. Nan & Gui

    Sent from my iPad



  3. Hey Murphy! Skiing is pretty good.
    Looking forward to seeing you on Boxing Day!

    Patrick McFetridge
    Cell: 403.606.0689


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