Jam Sessions

Joni’s Homemade Jams from Mustard Seed Farm

I am a Musician as well as a food blogger. I play the guitar. A jam session is when a bunch of musicians come together to jam and play music. I didn’t play music and jammed tonight. I ate crepes with jam inside them, while listening to music out of our stereo. I had five different kinds of crepes. Only two of them where actually filled with jam, but I’m not turning away any tasty crepes any time soon.

Jam: Blue berry – V.S – Strawberry Chipotle

The blueberry jam was very good, and was a little gooey. Little bits of tiny blueberries all over it. The strawberry chipotle was also very good. It had lots of strawberry flavor in it as well as a very strong spice.

Winner: Strawberry Chipotle

Chocolate: Nutella – V.S – Nocciolata

The Nutella was great, but lacked too much oozy and gooeyness. The Nocciolata was awesome and had that gooeyness I was hoping for, and unlike Nutella, I could tell the Nocciolata had a lot less sugar in it.

Winner: Nocciolata

Mix: peanut butter and honey

The peanut butter was perfectly sticky and so was the honey, but I wasn’t getting enough of the honey.

Overall winner: Strawberry Chipotle!


One thought on “Jam Sessions

  1. Those crepes sound really good.Maybe we will find crepes in Paris this summer.You and Luke should try to FaceTime jam,he is now taking guitar lessons too.
    Xo Nan


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