Thanksgiving Dinner


My family and I go up to Canada to see my grandparents a lot, but this time we went up for a different reason. It was Canadian Thanksgiving, and my aunt and uncle live up there too, so we went to celebrate with them.

After the longest car ride in the world, we finally get there and it’s a day before Thanksgiving so we go to Old Montreal to walk around for a bit. The non-paved roads, also known as cobblestone, are really funny because they are so bumpy and rocky and horse-poopy underfoot. Still, the day flies by because it is so fun.

Soon we are back at my grandparents’ house and finishing the day off by ordering take-out pizza for dinner. The pizza was not amazing, but my Papa was really nice to go out and get it for us.

The next day is Thanksgiving, and I wake up early. Not because it is Thanksgiving, but because my brother is playing a game where there is a little silver ball, in a bigger plastic ball you hold, and you need to get the silver ball from the start to end by rotating the plastic ball, and it makes a ton of noise.

Mama tells me it would be cool to get to write about Thanksgiving Dinner on my blog, so I should help my Papa with the mashed potatoes. He agrees. Soon we head over to my aunt and uncle’s to start eating, because they are doing most of the cooking. When we get there not all the food is ready, so my brother, one of my cousins, her boyfriend, and I play soccer outside while my other cousin plays the ukulele on the deck. I think me and my cousin’s boyfriend only win because he is awesome at soccer and I am ok at goalie.

Now, it is dinner. I have already served myself, so I am just going to wait ’till everyone sits down, to start eating. No wait, never mind, my aunt says my brother and I can start eating. I dig in. Papa tells me to slow down eating or else I will have a heart attack. Mama agrees. When I finish I think that I just ate three slices of turkey with stuffing, topped with gravy and cranberry sauce, ham, yellow beans, corn, and green beans, and that it is time for seconds. After that, I gobble down some cheese cake and ice cream cake for dessert, and watch some “Myth Busters” on their T.V. Personally, I think that was the best Thanksgiving meal ever.

Tips: When cooking Thanksgiving dinner, never say to yourself: “That’s enough for one night”. It is never enough on Thanksgiving. (Not that there wasn’t enough tonight)

Rating (for the whole meal): 10 out of 10!


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Hi Henry,
    I’d like to share with you my thanksgiving cooking experience. This year I cooked turkey for the first time in my life! Maxim kept asking me to prepare a turkey meal for thanksgiving, I was skeptical at the beginning, but then I ran oven a receipt of turkey with orange and decided to try. The result was very good – light, fresh and even a bit exotic (honey, ginger and orange zest). I think I’ll cook turkey not only for thanksgiving now šŸ™‚


  2. Henry we loved your Thanksgiving post. It sounds like a perfect celebration at Auntie Anna’s house. I always like the gravy and the stuffing best.We had kind of a different Thanksgiving,no turkey even! We drove to Fernie and beyond,a beautiful time to take a trip in the Canadian Rockies.Grampa Gui has new skies and he is pretty pumped to ski with you at Christmas.Just imagine 8 cousins on the ski hill. John is playing hockey in Edmonton on Sat. So we are keen to see that. Keep up the posts we just love them.
    Xo Nan


  3. It was so great you and your family were able to visit so that we could be thankful together. Your and Papa’s mashed potatoes were, as usual, excellent. You made a LOT, so I used what we didn’t eat after 3 days to make a lovely ham and potato soup. Looking forward to the next time we can share good times together!


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