Bonkers for Boulangeries

Looking through the window of the Boulangerie M. Pinchot at the pastries. (Pinchot is supposed to be the baker’s name, but it is also a pun for “pain chaud”, which means hot bread.)
A sign inside of the brunch spot, Chez Olive et Gourmando in old Montreal.
My brother and I thought the size of this chocolatine was funny compared to the size of this brioche.
IMG_5099 (1)
It is common to use chalk boards in French restaurants. (I think it makes it look a lot cooler)
A tasty “Egg On Your Face, panini”. (That is what it was actually called!) It had really hot sauce called sriracha which the waiter thought I would dislike. :-O

3 thoughts on “Bonkers for Boulangeries

  1. Thank you for reminding me about this great place, haven’t been there for ages. Will definitely come back now with my boys and we will be able to share our experiences 🙂


  2. Hey Henry,just figured out where you and Nate are this weekend,lucky guys!
    I love those brioches! We are in Fernie,check out your skis,can’t wait till Christmas.
    Xo Nan


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