Asian Moon Festival Cakes

The supermoon before the eclipse and blood moon
Zhai Di, our friend, bought us this box of moon cakes made in L.A.
Moon cakes with the box.

If you have never had a moon cake, that is probably because you don’t celebrate the Asian Moon Festival. But you should, because there’s really good food used to celebrate it! Moon cakes come in individual servings and in different flavors. They are heavy in texture. We had four types: pineapple, mixed nuts with ham, “date paste one yolk”(sic), and “lotus seed paste one yolk”(sic). The pineapple one was my favorite. It was like hard jelly, and that was kind of it, inside. Our friend Zhai Di (or Di Zhai, as he is called in the U.S.) gave us these tasty moon cakes on the occasion of the super blood full moon eclipse that happened this week. You can probably find these at your local grocery store. They are good for special occasions!

Tip: Make foreign friends, and you’ll get to try new foods!


9 thoughts on “Asian Moon Festival Cakes

  1. Would love to learn more about the Asian moon festival. Does it happen annually? The moon cake sound delicious the way you described them. Thanks. xc


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