Sunday on a Monday.


For those of you who hate Mondays, I share your feelings about them. I hate them too. So, I decided to put a Sunday into a Monday or to be precise, I decided to eat a Sunday. My Sunday was made of vanilla ice-cream with raspberries and bananas, topped with melting caramel sauce (picture shown in the white bowl on the left). My brother’s was the same except he had pear as well (picture shown in the yellow bowl on the right). The caramel was sweet and the raspberries blended in nicely with it. The bananas were perfect with the vanilla ice-cream. I thought this was an amazing dessert and if you are having a bad Monday you should have one.

Tips: In case you ever find yourself having a bad day, and you don’t have any ice-cream, cheese works too.

Rating: 9/10. I changed the rating system because rating out of five is too simple. I can get more detail if I rate out of ten.


3 thoughts on “Sunday on a Monday.

  1. Henry I loved this post,nothing like a treat if you are having a bad day.
    My Dad ( that was Pop) just loved ice cream Sundays, he used to buy them for me in the local cafe,they were vanilla ice cream with three sauces,butterscotch,chocolate and raspberrie,wow I haven’t thought about those in years! Keep up the great research,good cookin!
    Xo Nan


  2. love your monday’s option. they are hard for me too. how clever of you, put a sunday in your monday. will try it for sure next monday. how would it work with cheese?


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