Cheddar & Ice-cream

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My brother loves farm animals so my family went to Billings Farm and Museum, located in Woodstock, Vermont. For lunch we sat on a stone wall and ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches wile watching the sheep (picture on the bottom left and top right). There are also dairy cows, horses and goats. After lunch we walked up to the sheep and my brother started to bahh like a sheep. Then they bahhed back. After lunch and looking at the sheep we went to the dairy bar for ice-cream. I got raspberry and black berry in a sugar cone. It was also really cool to see what it was like to live in the mid 1800’s as shown in the exhibit. For example, they showed us an old shop with candy sticks, barrels full of ingredients, and much more. When we were leaving we passed through the gift shop. There was one thing really caught my eye, the Billings Farm Sweet Cheese. We bought it and went to buy crackers to go with it but the cashier told us the crackers were a waste of money because they were always stale. I thought that was unusual for a sales person to refuse a sale, and especially unusual that a sales person would sell stale crackers every day.


2 thoughts on “Cheddar & Ice-cream

  1. We continue to enjoy your blog, Henry. Yes, a bit unusual to knowingly sell stale food daily. Good observation. How was the cheese? GUI

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