Small Gain, Big Taste!

Profiteroles at L’Express

I am really sorry I haven’t been writing lately. School just started and I am now in the 5th grade which means double homework, and half an hour of reading. Anyway, the other day I was in Montreal for the Labor Day long weekend. My family went to a classic French bistro, L’Express. For lunch I had ravioli in a mushroom sauce, and for dessert I ordered the famous French ice-cream desert, Profiteroles. It was three little scoops of ice-cream sandwiched in between two little sugar buns. I think it was a very tasty dessert and recommend getting it if you ever see it on a menu, but order two because one wasn’t enough for me.

A history of food: The Profiteroles, pronounced “pro-fit-e-roles” (like it is spelled) were invented more than five hundred years ago, in the 16th century. Profiterole actually means “small gain”.

Tips: Don’t eat this with your brother. It will be gone before you can swat at him.

Rating: 3.8 out of 5 because the serving was way too small and I couldn’t eat it easily with a dessert spoon.


4 thoughts on “Small Gain, Big Taste!

  1. Henry,that is my favorite Bistro and my favorite desert! You lucky guy.
    Yesterday I made ravioli stuffed with artichoke lemon and spinach.Actually I bought the ravioli frozen at the Italien Centre Shop( a European grocery store in Edmonton.Delicous!
    So glad you are having fun with food,it is the best.Nate looked pretty happy too.Phone me and tell me about school.


  2. It’s always a pleasure to read your food adventure. I agree with you, profiterol are delicious! Next time order two and eat one for me.
    Till your next adventure…xx


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