All The Best Ideas Come From Kids. Period.

Its a Stuffed olive!
Its a Stuffed Olive!

One of my readers, Nori Teller-Ellsberg, shared a great food idea with me, the Stuffed Olive, and I really want to mention it here ‘cuz I think it is great she is creating her own foods and I want to encourage all my other readers to do the same and to share your ideas with me so I can try it out and post it here. I also want to say it sounds and looks amazing, but I have not actually gotten to try it yet because whenever we try and make it, something is missing. My Mom and I were going to make it a few days ago, but we couldn’t for we had no refried beans for stuffing the olive. So we went out to get some, then we tried to make it, but the can of refried beans went missing, so we finally found it today, and we tried to make it, when I noticed the olives were moldy and white and brown. Mom looked in the cupboard, but we had no other olives! Sorry, Nori, that I have not gotten to try it yet but I will try it tomorrow after we get olives. Unless the beans get moldy as well.

Tips: Always be prepared.

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3 thoughts on “All The Best Ideas Come From Kids. Period.

  1. Murphy, Nori is lucky to have a columnist who is so responsive to his reader’s suggestions. It was kind of you to laud her suggestion even without trying it, and I am convinced that you did so in part because your palate and your imagination together allowed you to conjure up a fair assessment of how delicious stuffed olives would actually be. As her (not impartial, but nonetheless culinarily discerning) mom, I can share that I tried her creation, and it was, as you supposed, DELICIOUS. May we all eat stuffed olives together soon! (Don’t know why I’m using so many big words–I just feel like it today. Kind of how I now feel like eating a big caprese sandwich after reading your other post!)

    Your devoted reader,


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