The Caprese Caper

this is sitting on its wrapper

(Sorry I haven’t been writing lately. My Mom’s been doing the cooking.)

If I could be holding anything at all in my two hands right now, it would be the chicken caprese sandwich I had for lunch yesterday. It was beautiful and it was my lunch. My family was going to Ruggles Mine where tourists can rent tools to find from mica to quartz, and even garnet. Eventually after the sales of mica went down, they opened it to the public. While we were driving there I ate my sandwich. It was perfectly gooey with melting mozzarella on top of the chicken, and was coated in something that resembled pesto. The chicken itself was a little dry, but the cheese made up for that (it was so delicious!). And then, there was the tomato. It went well with the chicken but didn’t add much flavor. I highly suggest the chicken caprese next time you see it on a menu (I got mine at a grocery co-op).

Tips: don’t eat it in the car. It has very crumbly bread (baguette).

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


4 thoughts on “The Caprese Caper

  1. i love dry chicken, would not be a problem for me. other than that, looks like a fabulous lunch option – and i love cheese. thank you so much for all your thoughtful comments on food options.
    can you guess who this is? no clues. hope to see you soon with my partner dagwood. actually, that’s a clue…


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