The Shopping Chronicles


My family and I just got back from our summer vacation in Canada and we are all starving and can’t wait for dinner, but there is nothing in our fridge! My Mom decided to let my brother and I walk through the path in the woods to the grocery store. It doesn’t usually take long to get there; it usually takes ten minutes but this time it felt a lot longer because my brother kept having to tie his shoes over and over again (and it always takes him so long to tie so I have to do it). My Mom didn’t tell us to get anything in particular but I didn’t know what to get for dinner so I tried to think of my favorite kind of food and that would be Italian! I told my brother to wheel the kart over to the frozen food aisle where I found… frozen pizza! And what goes well with pizza? Pasta! So we walked away from the frozen food aisle towards the noodle section to pick up some Alfredo sauce (we already have some tagliatelle noodles). (My favorite kind.) And the total cost was only twelve dollars!

Tips: Don’t go to the store with your brother if you are in a hurry to eat!!!


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